Closing Session

93 percent of our past conference attendees have told us they like our events and activities!

The closing session has become one of the most loved events at our conference. In addition to crowning the winning team, individual drawings are held for prizes and conference passes to next year's conference. We end our conference on a very high note of fun and gratitude for our attendees!

Ending On A High Note

The conference-long Team Competition comes to a head at the Closing Session! All the points you've earned for your team are tallied up and displayed on a score board. As you enter the main ballroom, you'll be split into teams and prepared to compete against each other in three games!

Closing Session Details

Four Quick Facts

  • Teams should identify ahead of time those who are willing to speak for the team and be an active participant, i.e., play games on-stage
  • One round will consist of drawing
  • One round will consist of a very fast hands-on game
  • The final round will consist of trivia

There is no dress code for the event, but there is a chance you'll be on your feet moving around during some of the games, so bring comfortable shoes to wear. If you want to show your team colors, wearing them during the closing session is the perfect place to do so. And if not, that's fine too!